What’s Tara Reading?


Nothing’s fair in love and war. When enemies become lovers can two adversaries put aside their differences so they both can win?
Brody La Rouge wages war on the financial landscape in the Bay Area while guarding his heart against yet another heartbreak. Lucky in finance, he’s unlucky in love. He destroyed the only woman who ever mattered. Too young and too stupid to realize his mistake, he broke her heart and walked away. As for love, supermodels trip head over heels for an evening draped over his arm, or a night twisting the sheets in his bed, but they leave him feeling vacant and unsatisfied.

He wants more. He wants what he lost.
When he runs across the woman from his past, he prepares to go head to head against a formidable adversary. Grace Atwood is not to be underestimated. Not only is she immune to his charms but she hates his guts.
Grace is determined to succeed in a man’s world, but her dreams get sidelined when her mother gets sick. Grace is forced to take over the floundering family winery rather than chase her dreams.
What she’s not prepared for is Brody La Rouge, the only man who ever broke her heart. It’s time to take him down a notch, but her struggling winery needs the equity investment his multi-billion dollar company can provide.
As Brody fans the flames of their past, she’s unprepared for the heat he brings into the boardroom. More’s at stake than corporate mergers. Brody’s a player, but Grace’s been played before.
Brody’s willing to rewrite the rules, but will Grace give him a second chance to prove he’s the one?


Don’t Kiss the Bride is a slow-burn, age gap romance offering readers an emotional ride as they fall in love with Jude and Skylar.

The final book in the story of Marcus/Delia/Cody. Their story is full of angst and emotion, mystery and intrigue, passion and heartbreak. Winter’s delivered a masterful story with an ending that is sure to shock you.