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Hard Ware by: Misha Bell

Hello everyone! Sorry it has been so long in between reviews. Things were a bit crazy around the house here. A bathtub leak turned into a full-on bathroom remodel. Being as though we only have one bathroom, it’s been quite an ordeal.

Remember that exciting news I wanted to share with you all? Well, now I can. I signed a publishing contract with Next Chapter Publishing for my book Submitting to Him. I’m so excited that my book will be in your hands in the coming months. I can’t wait for you all to meet Alex and Natalie and share their sexy story.

This week’s book review is Hard Ware by Misha Bell. For those of you that don’t know, Misha Bell is the pen name for the writing team of Anna Zaires and Dima Zales. It’s their second book, and it is fantastic.

There are many romance books out there that are loosely based on fairy tales, but I never read one centered around Frozen until Hard Ware.

This romantic comedy opens with Russian-born Bella walking her Chihuahua, Boner, in Central Park at the same time Ruskovian born Dragomir is out walking Winnie, his Misha breed (bear-sized) dog. There’s an instant attraction for Bella, who’s in the middle of trying out her vibrating Kegel balls. At the same time, there’s an instant attraction for Boner, who gets away from Bella and, unexpectedly and unconventionally, mates with Winnie. (You’ll have to read to find out what happens with the Kegel Balls).

Bella is horrified by her dog’s behavior and her Kegel mishap. Dragomir is angry and insists on a full STD panel from Boner.

Fast forward to the human side of the story. Bella owns a sex toy company and is looking for funding for her next project, a VR suit to connect lovers from a distance. She enters the meeting room and discovers the funding company is owned by none other than Dragomir. Needless to say, complications arise.

Back to the doggie story… it seems little Boner, aka Stud, is going to be a father. This slight complication is just what the pair needs to have as an “ice breaker” to get together. Their attraction. and their competitive nature, is off the charts, but there is more than one complication, the biggest of which—they are both hiding information about themselves.

How does this book parallel Frozen? First of all, it’s Bella’s favorite movie, her go-to in all situations. What she doesn’t realize is it also parallels her story with Dragomir. As they get closer and learn more about each other, the parallels are revealed. Bella learns about herself and accepts and is proud of all the different parts that make up who she is.

When she learns about Dragomir’s hidden Ruskovian past, she’s initially devastated and feels betrayed. After a series of hilarious mishaps and a special event, Bella realizes Dragomir wasn’t lying about his past to deceive her; he wasn’t lying at all. With everything that happened with his family (more you’re going to have to read for yourself), the right time never came up. Also, she never told him about her sex toy company—they both had information they were keeping from each other.

With everything out in the open now, the couple is free to be exactly who they are, no more secrets.

This book is a steamy romance guaranteed to make you laugh and beg for more!

Stay tuned for more information about my upcoming book release. My next review will be for an upcoming release by Charmaine Pauls, Stolen Life.

Happy Reading ~Tara