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Review of Rescuing Moira by Ellie Masters

Hi readers! Before I took the leap and started writing my own novels, I was an avid romance reader—still am. I’m fortunate to be a beta reader for some of my favorite authors, and I’m a member of several ARC teams. What does that mean? It means that I get to read some really great books before they even hit the shelves. Instead of keeping all that book goodness to myself, I’m going to share it with you. I just finished RESCUING MOIRA by Ellie Masters. It’s the 3rd book in her Guardian Hostage Rescue Specialist series.

This book focuses on Four (Griff) and Moira. Moira was rescued from a human trafficking situation by Griff and had been living at the Facility undergoing therapy and readjusting to life. This book opens with Moira having been kidnapped for a second time. This poor girl has the worst luck and the scars to prove it. She finds herself being held captive by two men—the situation seems impossible.

            Meanwhile, back at Guardian HRS, the entire team is searching desperately for her. Griff is going out of his mind with worry because Moira seems to have disappeared off the map. He’s regretting now getting closer to her, despite her advances toward him, and he’s hoping for a second chance.

            Griff is the alpha male you would expect in a good romance story. He’s honorable, determined, and sexy.

            But what I want to focus on is Moira. All too often, the female character is dependent on the male for everything—a damsel in distress. That is NOT Moira. She has every reason to crawl into a corner, curl up in a ball, and cry, but she doesn’t. She also doesn’t sit around and wait for rescue. She realizes right now her survival depends solely on her. She takes the training she learned at the Facility and the self-confidence Four has instilled in her, and she uses it to survive. Her resourcefulness and her tenacity are to be admired.

            I don’t want to give away too much of the story, but I’ll tell you it is a rollercoaster of emotions, hot sex, and true love. What Griff and Moira share transcends the pages of the book and weaves its way straight into your heart.

            If you haven’t read books one and two, you can hop over to amazon and grab them, or you can pick up with book three- Griff and Moira. Either way, you don’t want to miss this amazing story.

            Rescuing Moira is available today!


  Stay tuned for my review of Violent Retaliation by C.P. Mandara. Expected book release date March 25, 2021.