C.P. Mandara’s Violent Retaliation

Wow! Where do I start? C.P. Mandara’s latest book release, Violent Retaliation is a steamy, sexy, and oh so twisted read. For those of you who are new to her books, you might want to start with her Special Agents Series–that’s where you’ll first be introduced to James, Lois, and my personal favorite Adrien Dumortier. The Special Agent’s Series are 6 books of non-stop action and lots of sex!

That brings us to her new series featuring Adrien. Violent Retaliation is Book 3 in the series and picks up with Adie’s torture of Ione (who is really Melinder Leader posing as Ione) in the hopes of drawing James out of hiding and getting back to Lois. What Adie doesn’t realize is James is up to his neck in his own problems and has no way of reaching out to Adie. Let’s not forget about Lois, who is pregnant and kidnapped. What does her kidnapper want? Adrien Dumortier.

Adie continues torturing Leader, frustrated that James isn’t responding to the video messages he’s sending out. He’s reaching his last straw and Leader is nearing the end of her life. Will James get to Adie in time? And what about Lois?

Adie is obsessed with Lois, I would even go out on a limb and say he loves Lois-in whatever capacity he’s able to love. He thinks his best friend and the woman he’s laid claim to deserted him and left him for dead to simply move on with their life without him. Only now, Lois’s life depends on Adie rescuing her. Throw in the fact that she’s pregnant with her husband, James’s baby and we have a real issue. What will Adie do when he learns about all this? Does Lois still have feelings for Adie?

Mandara does something few other author are able to accomplish quite so well. She gets inside the minds of her characters and brings that internal monologue to life on the page. The banter between characters is natural and makes reading her stories so much fun.

This book is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat with the action and the unexpected twists. Who will you end up cheering for Team James or Team Adie or maybe a little of both?

Violent Retaliation is available on Amazon, it’s free in Kindle Unlimited. Don’t wait, go grab yourself a copy and jump on on the adventure with my favorite fictional sadist.

Next up…. Trisha Wolfe’s new novel Cruel.

Happy Reading


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