School at Home

August 24, 2020

Hey everyone! Hope you had a great week. You have decided on homeschooling–whether it be because your district is doing at-home classes, you are using cyber school, or you are traditionally homeschooling. Doesn’t matter, your children are doing school work at home. How will it all work? Where will they study?

Let me first say, there is no right or wrong! Some parents choose to replicate a traditional classroom at home. That is a great option if you have the extra space and the money to transform a room into a classroom. For most of us, though, that isn’t an option.

When my kids were young we bought second-hand desks and tried setting up a corner of the living room as a classroom. It didn’t take long for us to realize that wasn’t going to work. Trying to make room for four desks in a small house created chaos. That’s when we switched to the kitchen table. It was informal, but fit us as a family. We had a bookshelf where we could put our books and school supplies, trying to stay organized as best we could. For many years my walls were filled with school projects. One time we transformed the living room into an ocean. Fish hung from the walls and the ceiling. It wouldn’t qualify for a house in a magazine, but it was fun and we created so many good memories.

Learning, having fun, and creating memories are what this is all about. Try not to stress about keeping up with other homeschooling families or making sure your at-home school functions like a traditional classroom. That is too much stress. If the weather is nice, don’t be afraid to move your classroom outdoors for the day. Come up with something that fits you and your children. Create an environment that fosters curiosity and exploration, especially for those little ones. For the older kids, encourage them to explore their interests. Encourage both the little ones and older ones to read. Read together as a family- it is magical!

I’d love for you to share your homeschooling spaces with me!


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