Natalie Clarke has the opportunity of a lifetime—a full scholarship to attend New York University. She’s living her dream until her boyfriend, Tommy, cheats on her with her best friend. Natalie’s left feeling betrayed and broken until she remembers her late brother’s advice to go out and live life to the fullest. With a renewed sense of purpose, Natalie turns her back on her past life and embraces everything New York City has to offer, including a lifestyle she’s only heard about in whispers.

Svetlana, Natalie’s roommate, introduces her to the sensual world of BDSM. It’s a lifestyle unlike anything Natalie has ever experienced. She’s cautious yet curious when she visits Fire and Ice, a BDSM club, with Svetlana. At the club, she meets Alexander Montgomery, a Dominant who’s almost ready to play again. Their worlds collide, and sparks fly until past flames reignite, complicating their new relationship.

T.L. Conrad’s debut novel, Submitting to Him, brings the BDSM lifestyle out of the shadows. Her realistic approach is sure to thrill readers as Natalie and Alex’s story reveals the true beauty of Dominance and submission.

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